At Tilix AI we are committed to helping our customers make better use of data. Our Core Purpose is to harness the transformative power of Data Science, IoT and Digital Twins to reach Net Zero in domains which are currently energy and carbon intensive.

Rooted in Information Systems Engineering, we stand at the forefront of innovation, bolstered by strategic partnerships and a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges.

Core Competencies

Python at Our Core: Python enables Tilix AI to create robust and scalable system solutions. Our data science toolkit extends to computer vision, LLMs and machine learning, reflecting our commitment to innovation.

Electricity and Beyond: The electricity industry is our stronghold, where our deep expertise in the energy transition comes to life. We also excel in cleantech and e-mobility, applying our skills to advance these sectors. We are venturing into biotech, legal, sales, and marketing since the largeer part of our solution stack is domain agnostic.

Dual Expertise: We bridge technology and industry knowledge. Tech-centric projects benefit from our industry insights, while domain-expert led projects receive innovative technology solutions. This adaptability is our strength.

Partnership Ecosystem

Diverse and Strategic Collaborations: We engage with a range of partners, from Anaconda and Elastic to Prefect and Base64. Partnerships enable us to offer holisitc solutions comprising best of breed components.

Collaborative Synergy: Our partnerships are integral to our value proposition. We combine our partners’ offerings to create robust and scalable solutions for our customers.

Evolving Business Model

Software Development – Paving New Pathways: Our software development roadmap is our pathway to growth. We’re crafting robust products that unite partner technologies and act as the foundation for comprehensive solutions. This strategy will ensure Tilix AI remains a leader in information systems innovation for years to come.

People, Vision and Core Values

Our Team and Founder: Led by Dr. Neil Williams, our team embodies a blend of technical expertise and visionary leadership. Dr. Williams’ experience and foresight drives our commitment to accelerating the energy transition and bringing transformative change to other domains.

Tilix AI’s Vision: Our vision is to be at the forefront of information systems innovation, creating impactful solutions and fostering strategic partnerships that drive progress in technology and sustainability. We aim to blend our expertise in the electricity industry with cutting-edge technology to lead the transition to a smarter, cleaner future.

Tilix AI’s Core Values

Innovate with Integrity: We are commited have integrity guide our innovation, ensuring that our solutions are not only advanced but also responsible and beneficial to society.

Empower Through Expertise: At the heart of Tilix AI is a dedication to expertise. Whether it’s our deep understanding of the electricity industry or our mastery of Python and AI technologies, we empower our partners and clients with knowledge and solutions that matter.

Collaborate for Success: We know that the best results come from working together. Our partnerships with ISVs large and small are built on mutual respect and a shared vision for success. Collaboration is key to unlocking the full potential of the next wave of innovation in information systems engineering.

Pursue Growth with Purpose: We continuously seek growth, not just in size but in capabilities and impact. Our journey is about more than scaling; it’s about developing meaningful solutions and advancing the field of information systems in ways that truly make a difference.

Deliver with Dedication: Our commitment to our clients and partners is unwavering. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, tailored systems of intelligence. In every project, we aim to exceed expectations, ensuring that our work not only meets but surpasses the goals set forth.


A Future Powered by Technology and Collaboration: Tilix AI is a catalyst for innovation and efficiency. Our strategic partnerships, domain expertise, and growing software suite underscore our dedication to shaping the next wave of innovation in information systems engineering.