A solution first value proposition makes Tilix AI an ideal partner for projects and operations involving Data Science, IoT, Digital Twins and other emerging technologies.

Tilix AI provides a range of packaged services including consulting, interim management, projects and outsourcing. Tilix AI applies data science in its different forms ranging from statistics to machine learning in search of precious insights.

Tilix AI is expert the in tools and algorithms that help unlock data and make data-driven decisions. As well as technical wizardry, Tilix AI brings its extensive domain knowledge to the table.

The holistic mix of technical and domain expertise that Tilix AI posesses is critical for putting data science to work within the challenging markets in which our clients operate e.g. energy, cleantech, mobility.

The challenges faced by Tilix AI clients include process inefficiency and dirty data. This is compounded by a lack of access to technical talent who also have valuable domain expertise. The benefits Tilix AI has delivered include:

  • Improved B2B sales effectiveness
  • Optimised supply chains
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Consumer behaviour prediction

Tilix AI services can be used in a variety of contexts from semantic analysis of text in emails or social media to fraud detection for energy retailers. Assignments are always unique but typically encompass one or more options from the following list:

  1. Data cleansing, wrangling and munging
  2. Data pipeline engineering
  3. Time series analysis
  4. Image processing and computer vision
  5. Natural language processing
  6. Statistics
  7. Acquiring the right tools, models and algorithms
  8. Interactive visualisations and dashboards
  9. Machine learning

Success stories

The following vignettes help demonstrate the value Tilix AI delivers. Contact us to learn more.

Decision support

As the CEO of a new licensed electricity supplier in the UK, I wanted to extract valuable insights from our data using Elasticsearch and Kibana. I needed to do this to help our firm weather the numerous market shocks we have experienced in the past 3 years. With the support of Tilix AI, I was able to successfully use these tools to extract these insights and they were incredibly valuable in helping us navigate the volatile market.

Intelligent document processing

As a founder of a SaaS scale-up in the construction industry, I turned to Tilix AI to automate a laborious document data extraction process so that our firm can cost-effectively offer more valuable insight to our users. This helped us improve the value of our service and make it more appealing to our target market.

Coaching and mentoring

As a CEO of a data science scale-up in the energy industry, I gained insights and direction from Tilix AI subject matter experts (who also have a deep understanding of applied data analytics and machine learning). This helped my team make informed decisions and progress in their work.

Retiring unwieldly spreadsheets

As Chief Scientist of an environmental consultancy, I got a more efficient and user-friendly way of analyzing and visualizing electricity meter data from Tilix AI. This helped ensure that my clients get better energy audits and environmental engineering solutions.

Operational insights

As CTO of an innovative electric heating company, I got help from Tilix AI analyzing large volumes of data so that I could gain insights about customer behavior and identify opportunities to improve operations.

Geo-spatial data wrangling

As Head of Product for a SaaS solution provider in the renewable energy industry I need Tilix AI’s help in forming a global GIS data set as part of an industrial-academic partnership in applied artificial intelligence.

Industrial IoT

As Head of Data in a large electric utility I relied on Tilix AI to formulate the sensors and analytics roadmap for a cutting edge 400KV substation.

Electric vehicle telematics

Tilix AI developed a proof of concept vehicle telematics system using AWS Greengrass for the Chief Digital Officer of an EV company,

ROI calculator

Tilix AI reengineered a bloated spreadsheet so that a founder of a PaaS provider in the battery storage industry could do faster and more accurate forecasts.

Data lake with analytics

As founder of a battery manufacturer, I value the help from Tilix AI in developing a data lake and analytics platform to sit alongside our operational line of business IoT platform.

Electricity demand forecasting

As Head of Trading at a fast growing electricity supply business I hired Tilix AI to do a root and branch review of recent forecasting performance and then to develop a more flexible and visible process for engaging with wholesale counterparties going forwards

Automation of regulatory reporting

As Head of Regulation at a small electricity supply business I relied on Tilix AI to help me efficiently and accurately respond to the exponentially increasing volume and veracity of data requested by the regulator.