Tilix AI offers a selection of cutting-edge software products that are designed to solve specific pain points and challenges faced by our clients in their journies to Net Zero.

Our niche software products are the result of years of research and development, and are built on the latest technology to deliver the best possible results. Each software is developed by our team of experts who bring a wealth of domain knowledge and data science expertise to the table.

  • Tug: make cohesive business systems from siloed applications
  • Robusta: automate complex regulatory reporting
  • Piscina: make better business decisions
  • Hub: Run Jupyter Notebooks in a managed environment
  • Juga: manage data science projects more effectively
  • FlexServer: a robust and adaptable server platform, tailored for the unique demands of multi-functional applications.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your energy consumption, improve your digital twin simulations or gain insights from your IoT data, we have a software product that will meet your needs. Browse through our list of products below and find the perfect solution for your business. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Tug is a system of intelligence workhorse which breaks down siloes and helps form cohesive business systems. Tug plays an essential role in the modern enterprise by combining data from various sources and orchestrating cross-silo workflows.

  • Forward and reverse ETL
  • Orchestration
  • Data management, quality, and governance


Regulatory reports require more detail than ever. Robusta empowers its users to create and defend regulatory reports faster with easy access to data that can be trusted.

Companies often create their reports manually, using disparate financial plans and systems, which is time consuming and results in data duplication. When regulators have questions, it’s difficult to trace back specific figures and assumptions. Robusta simplifies these complex processes, so that organisations can be more than ready for the increased scrutiny.

Robusta’s quick access to accurate data, and the comprehensive, real-time picture they need to continuously monitor if they are on track to meet regulatory performance metrics.

  • Increase Visibility: Gives user easy and fast access to accurate real-time data for reporting and interrogatory responses.
  • Proactive Performance Management Accurate, real-time data enables you to continuously track your progress toward your regulatory performance metrics and make proactive course corrections if needed.
  • Simplify Accounting Tracks transactions by function, by regulatory account, or by GAAP account. Integration between planning and actual financial data creates a unified financial and regulatory planning and reporting solution.
  • Save Time and Money Automates the regulatory reporting process so you can populate, verify and file reports faster with fewer resources. Provides the ability to trace cost flow from original to final cost objects, or vice versa, and analyse finances across the enterprise.
  • No Reconciliation Needed Allowing for both ledgers in one system, the universal journal supports real-time regulatory account derivation and regulatory reporting. No reconciliation is needed between a regulatory ledger and GAAP ledger saving regulatory finance teams significant time and effort.


Piscina is an interactive dashboard underpinned by machine learning which is used to support business decision-making activities.

Piscina serves the management, operations and planning levels of Tilix AI’s clients. It helps people make decisions about problems that may be rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance—i.e. unstructured and semi-structured decision problems.

  • Flexible: can handle the less well structured, underspecified problems that upper level managers typically face;
  • Broad-based: combines the use of models or analytic techniques with traditional data access and retrieval functions;

Piscina has features to make it easy to use by non-computer-proficient people in an interactive mode. It emphasizes flexibility and adaptability to accommodate changes in the environment and the decision making approach of the user.


Tilix Hub brings the power of notebooks to groups of users. It gives users access to computational environments and resources without burdening the users with installation and maintenance tasks. Users - including managers and data scientists - can get their work done in their own workspaces on shared resources which can be managed efficiently by Tilix AI.

Tilix Hub runs in the cloud or on your own hardware, and makes it possible to serve a pre-configured data science environment to any user in the world. It is customizable and scalable, and is suitable for small and large teams.


Juga stitches together the activity in data science projects across all phases.

  • Inception: scope the project adequately as a basis for validating initial costing and budgets.
  • Elaboration: the problem domain analysis is made and the architecture of the project gets its basic form.
  • Construction: the main focus is on the development of transformations, algorithms, and other data science.
  • Transition: Results are shared with all stakeholders. Feedback received may result in further refinements to be made.

Juga helps to clearly signifying expectations and goals from each phase, and helps the team be more efficient at juggling the different disciplines needed at different times over the course of the project.


Tilix AI’s FlexServer is a robust and adaptable compute platform, tailored to get multi-functional applications into production quickly and cost-effectively. This highly versatile server embodies the seamless integration of various essential services to ensure optimum performance and security. Below are the key components of FlexServer:

  1. Gateway - nginx: Utilizing nginx as the gateway provides high performance, stability, and flexibility. Its proven capabilities in handling HTTPS requests and reverse proxying ensure that FlexServer operates smoothly and efficiently.

  2. Search & Visualization - Elasticsearch & Kibana: With Elasticsearch, FlexServer offers a distributed search engine that enables real-time search and data analytics. Paired with Kibana, it allows for comprehensive visualization and exploration of your data, making insights accessible and actionable.

  3. Interactive Visualization - Holoviz Panel: FlexServer integrates Holoviz Panel to offer interactive and responsive web applications. This feature aids in creating custom visualization panels to explore complex data sets, enhancing your data exploration experience.

  4. Workflow Management - Prefect: Prefect is utilized to provide flexible and scalable workflow management. It allows for the scheduling and monitoring of data pipelines, ensuring the smooth automation of complex tasks within FlexServer.

  5. Databases - PostgreSQL and Influxdb: These solutions ensure reliable data storage and retrieval within FlexServer. Their proven performance and integrity make them excellent choices for managing data.

  6. API Framework - FastAPI: FlexServer’s FastAPI integration allows for the rapid development of efficient web APIs. It’s designed to be easy to use while enabling new, high-level features not available before. FastAPI’s automatic interactive documentation allows users to call and test the APIs effortlessly.

  7. Security - SSL Certificate by LetsEncrypt: Ensuring the security and privacy of data is paramount. FlexServer uses SSL certificates provided by LetsEncrypt, giving you a secure encrypted connection and instilling confidence in the integrity of the system.

FlexServer is a cohesive environment where each component is meticulously integrated to offer a seamless experience. Whether you’re a developer, data analyst, or business professional, FlexServer’s robust platform accommodates various needs and scales according to your demands. Its multi-purpose design without the complexity of an industrialized system makes FlexServer a preferred choice for those looking for efficiency, flexibility, and security in one unified solution.