First class technical know how coupled with domain experience from a broad range of business models and situations makes Tilix AI an ideal data science, IoT and digital twins partner for organisations of all shapes and sizes in the energy, cleantech and mobility sectors.

Start Up

Tilix helps smart energy entrepreneurs get their early stage innovation and technology off the ground.

First, we invest in deep conversations with our clients. Then we co-create solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements for technical direction and/or seed capital.


Our SME clients seek help with growth, optimisation or inventing the next wave. These clients value the agility Tilix AI brings from the start up market and the discipline we bring from the corporate market.


For larger organisations, Tilix AI offers advisory and staff augmentation for the short and medium term.

Customer personas

Our briefs have included a mix of tactical and operational missions for a wide range of stakeholders. Below are example personas of Tilix AI clients.

Founder of AI Solutions startup looking for a strategic partner

As the founder of an AI solutions startup, I am constantly looking for ways to grow and expand my business. One strategic partnership that I believe could greatly benefit my company is with a company that can provide staff augmentation and access to new markets.

I am looking for a partner who shares my vision for the future of AI and has a strong track record in the industry. This partner should be able to provide my company with access to top talent and resources that will help us scale and bring our innovative solutions to more customers.

In addition, I am seeking a partner who has a strong presence in new markets that we have yet to tap into. This will allow us to expand our reach and bring our solutions to a wider audience, while also helping us to diversify our revenue streams.

Ultimately, I am looking for a strategic partner who can help my AI solutions startup to achieve our long-term goals and continue to drive innovation in the industry.

Founder of AI solutions start up seeking sales growth

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am the founder of an AI solutions startup called Intelligent Solutions. Our company is dedicated to providing innovative and cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to businesses in various industries.

I am currently seeking partners who are passionate about driving sales growth and are able to bring in new business opportunities for our company. With a strong network of contacts and a deep understanding of the sales process, I believe these partners will be integral in helping us reach our sales goals and expand our customer base.

I am confident that our AI solutions have the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate and I am eager to find partners who share this vision and are ready to help bring our solutions to market. If you are interested in partnering with us and driving sales growth, I would love to connect and discuss potential opportunities.

CEO of small electricity supplier

Name: Sarah Johnson Age: 35 Occupation: Founder and CEO of DataPower Energy Location: London, UK

Sarah is a driven and ambitious entrepreneur with a background in data analysis and electrical engineering. After working for several large utilities, she saw the opportunity to create a more efficient and cost-effective electricity supply company for small businesses.

As the founder of DataPower Energy, Sarah is constantly seeking new ways to use data and technology to optimize energy production and distribution. She is passionate about helping small businesses reduce their energy costs and become more sustainable.

Sarah is always looking for new partnerships and opportunities to grow her company. She is highly organized and detail-oriented, with excellent communication and leadership skills. She is also dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards and transparency in her business practices.

Founder of construction industry SaaS product

Name: Olivia Age: 35 Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and MBA in Business Strategy

Professional Experience: Olivia has worked in the construction industry for over 10 years, starting as a project manager and eventually becoming the CEO of her own data-centric SaaS scale-up. She has a strong background in data analysis and has always been passionate about using technology to improve processes and efficiency in the construction industry.

Personality: Olivia is driven and determined, always looking for ways to improve her company’s product and take it to the next level. She is a strong leader and is not afraid to take risks and make bold decisions to achieve her goals. Olivia is also highly analytical and values data-driven decision making.

Challenges: One of the biggest challenges Olivia faces is finding ways to automate document processing in the construction industry. She knows that this could greatly improve efficiency and reduce errors, but it requires innovative solutions that are not yet available in the market. Olivia is constantly searching for breakthrough technologies and partners that can help her company achieve this goal.

CFO of midsize public company

As the CFO of a midsize public company, Max Mustermann is responsible for the financial health and strategic direction of the organization. Max is focused on maximizing profits, minimizing costs, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

As Max looks to incorporate data science into his organization, he has become interested in using data-driven insights to inform financial decision-making and drive business growth. He has also become interested in using data science to optimize financial processes and identify areas for cost savings.

To effectively leverage data science in his role as CFO, Max will need to have a strong understanding of data analytics and statistical modeling techniques, as well as the ability to communicate complex data-driven insights to a non-technical audience. He will also need to be able to work closely with data scientists and other technical professionals to identify opportunities to apply data science solutions to business problems.

It will be important for Max to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in data science and to continuously evaluate the potential return on investment of data science initiatives. He will also need to be able to manage budgets and allocate resources effectively to support data science projects and initiatives.