Environmental Consultancy


Client: Chief Scientist at an environmental consultancy

Intro: Tilix AI is a boutique data science consultancy that specializes in providing advanced analytics solutions to clients in various industries. When the Chief Scientist at an environmental consultancy approached Tilix AI with a request for a more efficient and user-friendly way of analyzing and visualizing electricity meter data, the team at Tilix AI knew they could help.

Challenge: The Chief Scientist at the environmental consultancy was responsible for conducting energy audits and providing environmental engineering solutions to clients. However, the existing tools and processes for analyzing and visualizing electricity meter data were cumbersome and time-consuming. This made it difficult for the Chief Scientist to deliver accurate and timely solutions to clients.

Action: The Tilix AI team worked closely with the Chief Scientist to understand their specific needs and requirements. They then used their expertise in data science and visualization to develop a custom solution that addressed the Chief Scientist’s challenges. The solution included advanced algorithms for analyzing electricity meter data and user-friendly dashboards for visualizing the results.

Result: With the help of Tilix AI’s custom solution, the Chief Scientist was able to significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of their energy audits and environmental engineering solutions. They were able to deliver better results to their clients in a shorter amount of time, which led to increased satisfaction and a positive impact on their business. The Chief Scientist was extremely happy with the results and grateful for Tilix AI’s expertise and professionalism. They were also impressed with the user-friendly nature of the solution, which made it easy for them to use and share with their clients. Overall, the partnership with Tilix AI was a success and the Chief Scientist plans to continue working with them in the future.

This article was updated on March 29, 2024

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