Tilix AI partners with Microsoft


Tilix regularly helps its clients leverage Microsoft services, such as Github, Azure, Office 365 and LinkedIn, to assist them in achieving their goals.

Therefore, it was a natural next step in Tilix’s evolution to formally become a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). Tilix is pleased to announce that it has now joined this network of companies of all sizes and across all industries that work with Microsoft to drive transformation, build pivotal relationships and scale their businesses. This is the most powerful community of its kind – larger than Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce combined.

According to Tilix CxO, Neil Williams:

The Microsoft Partnership is a key part of the Tilix AI growth strategy for the next five years. I am confident that partnering with Microsoft will pay off. Tilix AI can now easily connect with the largest customer base and marketplaces in the IT industry. This is about the power of opportunity driven by a shared goal: customer success.

Tilix can define its own opportunities with Microsoft

The immense and rapid changes associated with the cloud journey, digital transformation and the new world of tech intensity, where every company is an innovator, are unlocking limitless opportunities for partners on the Microsoft platform. The MPN provides resources, programs and tools that will empower Tilix to capture opportunities locally and globally.

Wherever our clients are in their transformation process, Tilix can meet them there, supported by Microsoft tools and technologies to turn ideas into solutions. Thanks to Microsoft, we can offer true flexibility to choose the mix of cloud and on-premises technologies that works best for our clients. Our partnership with Microsoft empowers us to create differentiated solutions and meaningful innovations for our clients so they can stand out in a competitive landscape.

Joining the MPN has enabled Tilix to become part of a global community that connects us to the relationships, insights, tools, resources and programs we need to amaze our clients and drive business growth.

The MPN provides us with the widest range of products in the industry, as well as options to differentiate Tilix, go to market and sell solutions.

The partnership roadmap

The Tilix/Microsoft partnership roadmap is as simple as ABC:

A. Partner with Microsoft: Access training, practice-building guidance and business development resources.

B. Action pack: Provide focus and intensity, as well as growing competency.

C. Bottom line growth: Leverage the tools, resources, support and guidance to reach new customers and achieve more.

Tilix is at step B. In particular, we are planning an Action Pack with Grey Matter and Microsoft.

Grey Matter

As a boutique consultancy, the best way for Tilix to engage with the Microsoft ecosystem is through a “wholesale partner”. The perfect fit here is Grey Matter: the industry-leading B2B software solutions and services reseller. The firm has over 30 years of technical and business software know-how and offers an extensive array of the best cloud, database, security, development and mapping platforms for software developers and IT professionals.

Grey Matter focuses on building long-term partnerships with its customers by understanding their business priorities and objectives, and recommending the most cost-effective and relevant solution.

Regarding Tilix, Grey Matter Senior Account Manager, Lisa Flemming, said:

We can help Tilix AI accelerate the delivery of its ambitious vision for energy, cleantech and mobility. Grey Matter understand the business demands that enterprise architects like Tilix AI face, as well as their technical and go-to-market requirements.

Action Pack

Tilix AI’s next step is to execute a Microsoft Action Pack. This framework offers software, support and other benefits to help us build and grow our Microsoft powered solutions in a cloud and mobile first world.

The Microsoft Action Pack provides a strong foundation for helping Tilix grow its business and build new solutions for our clients. It empowers our team to achieve our cloud-centric vision and helps customers address their business challenges with ease.Dr Neil Williams, CxO, Tilix AI

In particular, Tilix is focusing on being a value add reseller and training partner around Microsoft solutions that support the modern workplace and security. For example, supporting our clients to have a more engaged, flexible and productive workforce through:

  • Collaboration and Content: Leveraging Sharepoint, etc. for document management, Intranet, social network, groupware and file hosting.
  • Communications: Leveraging Microsoft Teams solutions that provide efficient and effective collaboration and communication in an enterprise environment, including chat, apps, channels, meetings, audio conferences, live events and calls.
  • Cloud Productivity: Getting the most from Office 365, the market leader in commercial-grade solutions for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and more.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management: Helping customers address important compliance issues and emerging security threats.
  • Messaging: Using Exchange to provide Tilix’s clients with the collaborative tools they need.
  • Security: Leveraging solutions on the Microsoft platform to help customers guard against threats, protect data and maintain compliance.
  • Windows and Devices: Helping customers unleash the power of Windows, from deployment to delivering state-of-the-art devices.

Thanks to its partnership with Microsoft, Tilix can empower its small and midsize business clients to work from anywhere with best-in-class productivity and security. The next five years are going to be great!

This article was updated on December 20, 2022

<p>Neil is an investor and advisor in energy, cleantech and mobility. He strongly believes that businesses have two (and only two) basic functions: MARKETING &amp; INNOVATION. He helps firms create and retain customers through his expertise in data science, digital engineering, enterprise architecture, partnership brokering, industry nous, research etc. His home turf is Edinburgh, London and Helsingborg.</p>