Neil Williams (25)

<p>Neil is an investor and advisor in energy, cleantech and mobility. He strongly believes that businesses have two (and only two) basic functions: MARKETING &amp; INNOVATION. He helps firms create and retain customers through his expertise in data science, digital engineering, enterprise architecture, partnership brokering, industry nous, research etc. His home turf is Edinburgh, London and Helsingborg.</p>

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Battery storage PaaS

As founder of a PaaS provider in the battery storage industry, I need to reengineer a bloated spreadsheet so that I can do faster and more accurate forecasts.

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AWS Greengrass for EV

As Chief Digital Officer of an EV company, I need a software engineer to develop a proof of concept vehicle telematics system using AWS Greengrass

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Electric utility IIOT

As Head of Data in a large electric utility I need an Enterprise Architect to formulate the sensors and analytics roadmap for a cutting edge 400KV substation.

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Renewable Energy SaaS

As Head of Product for a SaaS solution provider in the renewable energy industry I need to provide GIS data sets and insights as part of an industrial-academic partnership in applied artificial intelligence.

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Innovative electric heating

As CTO of an innovative electric heating company, I need help analyzing large volumes of data to gain insights about customer behavior and identify opportunities to improve operations.

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